Google Updates Image Search to be Faster
January 24, 2013 by Ivo Rangelov Source article

Google announced that it is revamping its image search to make it speedier and more reliable. Soon, people will be able to simultaneously see images and image information while searching for photos, illustrations, and graphics. Google Images Associate Product Manager Hongyi Li wrote in a blog post that based on feedback from both users and webmasters, they redesigned Google Images to provide a better search experience.


When users look up images currently, they see large thumbnail images for whatever they are searching. For example, the "Pacific Ocean" brings up images of maps, photos of sandy islands covered in palm trees, and pictures of waves crashing on rocks. If the user wants to know more about the image, they have to hover their mouse over it and then click to get more. With Google's enhanced image search, people will be able to see a display of smaller images with one central image enlarged and accompanied by image information. This should significantly cut down on the hovering and clicking.

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