Unzip Processor ASP - Discontinued Support

This extension includes a powerfull Unzip server behavior that will allow you to unzip a folder with files after you have uploaded the folder with Pure ASP Upload. Can be used together with Pure ASP Upload extension! You don't need to write any additional code, it is all click and use!

This product has been discontinued, take a look at Zip Processor 3.0 for the new version of this product.



With the Unzip Processor you can:

  • Automatically unzip all uploaded zip files to any folder on your server
    Now you can upload a folder with files and automatically unzip the uploaded files.

  • Delete the Zip file
    You can delete the Zip file after the files have been unzipped

  • Fully integrated with Pure ASP Upload 2.x
    The Unzip Processor extension is able to unzip the files that are uploaded with Pure ASP Upload 2.x

  • Fully integrated with Smart Image Processor
    Automatically resize the image files contained in the zip

  • Supports many major server components
    SA-Archive and ZbitZip Lite

  • Auto Detect the installed server components and use them

  • A high performance, fully licensed COM Object is included 
    To  unzip files (needs to be registered on the server first) For this extension a server component is needed. Before installing the COM Object check if you have a server component installed on your server. Test-run the application first.


Type: Server Behavior
License: Read now >>
Product: Dreamweaver MX, UltraDev 4, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 8
Server Model: ASP JavaScript, ASP VBScript

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file button

June 17, 2001 by Steve Davis

Hey George (and others),

ASP upload is definitely the best!!!  Here's an issue I wonder if anyone has gotten around.

When someone clicks on the "browse" button and they find the file to upload, I think it is a "waste of a click" to have to then actually do the upload.

What is the point of people being able to see the file name...hopefully (I know it is unlikely...:-) people will pick the correct file from the browse window in the first place.

So, is there anyway (I can't figure it) to eliminate the filename window completely and just have a "browse" button, then when they click "open" after finding the file, it does the upload automatically.

Setting the size to 0 doesn't hide the filename window, by the way...it seems minimum size is forced to "4"

Any ideas greatly appreciated.


August 6, 2001 by master fora

Hi George,

ASP upload is definitely the best!!! Thanks...

RE: file button

October 7, 2001 by Chuck Mr
The browse button with the file field is part of the IE API. That is just the way it is unless you create your own Active X control.

RE: file button

January 2, 2003 by Ben Clark

Have you tried using the onChange event to trigger the upload?

Something like :



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