January 23, 2002 by Chris von Nieda


I was working on our Corporate Intranet today and I had a need for this code. I come on here tonight to reply to a request for help on some code I wrote and BAM, here it is. 

Gotta love that!  I'll use it tomorrow.




RE: Ironic

January 24, 2002 by Omar Elbaga baby. gotta love it! It's nice to see the fruits of a lot of work. Thanks for posting.


March 8, 2002 by Maribel Macasaquit
Is there a way I could clear the header and footer in JavaScript before printing the page?

RE: help!

March 9, 2002 by Marcellino Bommezijn

If you mean that you want the page to be loaded first and then initialize the Window Print, just put the script at the very end of your page.


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