Extended Dynamic Web Store Collection PHP

Dynamic web store with responsive layout and full shopping experience

Extended Dynamic Web Store PHP is an amazing collection of Dreamweaver extensions that allows you to build dynamic web apps and interactive pages. With it you can connect to any well known or custom database via a built-in connection wizard where you can define and manage your connections. Design CSS based, responsive web layouts and deliver full shopping experience. Empower full featured Google Maps and Geo Location services, implement beautiful CSS animations and many more.

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Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart

Create your full powered web shop with just a few clicks in Dreamweaver!

Deliver full shopping experience and sell easily any kind of products on your website with the new Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart. With this Dreamweaver extension your users will be able to add products, change quantity, get rich discounts, automatically calculate tax and shipping costs and get a smooth PayPal checkout process, with just a few mouse clicks.  All this power integrated in a sliding shopping cart that comes on demand on your web site!

You can integrate the shopping cart on a static as well as dynamic site, and customize its appearance with ease, thanks to the great user interface and Dreamweaver integration.

The extension has been discontinued, please get Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart 2

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HTML5 Data Bindings

Design interactive, data driven dynamic web sites and apps
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DMXzone Database Connector PHP

Connect to your database
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DMXzone Bootstrap 3

Next generation perfect site layout in a few minutes
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HTML5 Animate CSS

Just-add-water CSS animations
So you want to amaze your users with the latest design trends and alert them visually on content change? Then HTML5 Animate CSS Dreamweaver extension is the right choice for you. With its 35 gorgeous animations to choose from and the dedicated floating panel, you can virtually animate HTML elements, repeat and detail regions from HTML5 Data Bindings for fantastic presentations of your rich, dynamic web sites and mobile apps. Empower amazing on page scroll animations when a specific element becomes visible for the greatest impact on your users.

All CSS animations are driven by HTML5 tags and CSS3 transitions, based on the rock solid Animate.css library by Dan Elden, that gives you full cross-browser support with graceful degradation and maximum hardware acceleration.
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HTML5 Data Bindings Browser Properties

Rich information about the browser and device your visitor is using
Discover your visitors' browser properties and adjust your pages dynamically. Show different content based on browser resolution and language, special retina ready HD images or low resolution images for small devices and much more with the Browser Properties Add-on for HTML5 Data Bindings.

The supplied data bindings contain rich information about the browser and device your visitor is using, so you can dynamically adjust your web site accordingly.
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DMXzone Google Maps 2

Empower full featured Google Maps in Dreamweaver
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HTML5 Geo Location

Empower the full HTML5 Geo Location services

Geo Location is the ultimate way to figure out where your users are in the world and ask them to share that information with you. Empower the full HTML5 Geo Location services on your page and do awesome location-aware things such as finding local businesses, show your location on a map an many more. It contains 10 different properties to specify if Geo location is supported, latitude, longitude, heading, speed, timestamp and other.

Due to its advanced options you are able to react on various events on your page, like when Geo location is successfully retrieved, when permission is denied and many more with the help of DMXzone Behavior Connector. Also using the control HTML5 Geo Location you can choose an action to be executed.

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DMXzone Action Scheduler

Run server actions and behaviors automatically
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Type: Behavior
Product: Dreamweaver CS5/CS5.5 and CS6, Dreamweaver CC+

George Petrov

George PetrovGeorge Petrov is a renowned software writer and developer whose extensive skills brought numerous extensions, articles and knowledge to the DMXzone- the online community for professional Adobe Dreamweaver users. The most popular for its over high-quality Dreamweaver extensions and templates.

George is also the founder of Wappler.io - the most Advanced Web & App Builder

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