Inserting a Lightbox Gallery

Inserting a Lightbox Gallery

Learn how to insert a lightbox gallery on you page

With this tutorial we will show you how to insert a Lightbox gallery on your page.

Step by Step

Insert Lightbox gallery

Click on your page where you want to insert the Lightbox gallery (1) and from the insert panel (2), choose insert new Lightbox gallery (3).

Name and design

Enter a name for the gallery (1) select a design preset (2) and add the images (3). We use the import folder with images option.

Images and sizes

Select your source images folder and the destination folder (1). Set the thumbnails size and the big images size (2), and click OK.


Our images were successfully resized and added into the gallery so we can close the lightbox gallery dialog now.

Save and preview

Now you can save your work and preview the results in the browser.

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