Adding Form Inputs to DMXzone Server Connect

Adding Form Inputs to DMXzone Server Connect

Add your form fields to the global input variables of DMXzone Server Connect

With this movie we will show you how to add your form fields to the global input variables of DMXzone Server Connect.

Step by Step

Add a form on your page

First, let's add a form, with several text fields on our page. In order to do that, open the insert menu (1), go to form submenu (2) and choose form (3).

Add text field

Now, add the text fields inside it. Open the insert menu (1) and from the form submenu (2) choose text (3).

Change the label text

We also change the default label text to first name . You can add as many text fields as you need.

Add 3 text fields

For our tutorial, we added 3 different text fields and a submit button, as we need to submit the form.

Create server action

Now, let's create our server action. Click add new server action button.

Expand globals

You can change the name for the server action but we leave it to its default (1). Now under the available action steps expand the global list (2).

Define your global form

Here you can define your global form, session, server or cookie variables. In order to be able to use the form variables from the page, that we've just created, you need to define the input variables. You can either define the variables manually or bind to your page, containing the HTML form. Let's link our page to the global variables. First select globals (1) then click the browse to page button (2) located in the properties inspector.

Select the form page

Select the page (1), which contains your HTML form and click the OK button (2).

Sync global input variables

Once you've linked the page you can select your HTML form in the form dropdown. Just select it and the global input variables will be synced automatically.

Preview your form inputs

Now you can see your form inputs under the global post variables. You can use them in your server action steps later.

Create server action step

Let's create a really simple server action step, which will output the form inputs content, when we submit the form. Right click on steps (1) and select – add value (2).

Add value name

Add a name for the set value step (1) and select the value that you want to output (2).

Select post global variable

In the server data bindings panel select the post global variable (1). This contains all of the form inputs. Click the select button (2), when you're done.

Check output option and save

Then check the output option (1). It adds the data, generated by the step to the output of the DMXzone Server Connect Actions handler. Click the save button (2).

Create server action executor

When you are done defining the server action, you need to create a server action executor, so the action can be called on form submit. In order to do that, open the HTML5 Data Bindings Panel (1), select server connect action executors (2) and click add new button (3).

Run the executor on form submit

Choose your server action from the dropdown (1), select the form, you want to bind the executor to (2) and add a name for this executor (3). Check the on submit checkbox (4), in order to run the executor on form submit. And click the OK button, when you are done.

Save and preview

Now, let's preview the results in our browser. Open the page in the Chrome Browser. Press F12 in order to activate the developer tools. Here, we can see the output results, from our server action, as soon as the form is submitted. You can see the output from our HTML Form inputs in JSON format. That's how easy it is to add your form fields to the global input variables of DMXzone Server Connect.

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