Upload to Different Folders

March 15, 2002 by Anshuman Gautam

 Instead of

>>"Upload/" & UploadFormRequest("Department")<<

I've this

Set UploadRequest = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")  
BuildUploadRequest RequestBin, """filename""", "file", "1000", "over"

Could you please help

Upload to diffrent folders

March 30, 2002 by charles sebert
Where do you actually insert this expression :

"Upload/" & UploadFormRequest("Department").

In the page where the form is or in the IncPureUpload.asp page and where in the code ?


Thank you !

combining these languages is confusing !

April 23, 2002 by Dennis van Galen

how about when there's a dynamic rewritten dropdownlist on the page, for instance files ending up in:

resulting in something like: Uploads/Manuals/Websign/WSv1.doc
and / or: Uploads/Designs/OFT/OFTpov204.doc

would i use something like:

"Upload/" & UploadFormRequest("Section") & "/" & UploadFormRequest("Reference")

RE: Upload to different folders

April 23, 2002 by Dennis van Galen

You place this in the "Upload folder" in the main window of the server behavior.
also don't forget to change filename to "prefix with full path".


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