Blog Admin Panel Showcase
November 18, 2015

For this showcase we used DMXzone DropZone Add-on to create a drag&drop area, from where you can upload images in the admin panel. It's been made clickable via the extension's options and also it's been restricted so only images can be uploaded. We also set a maximum size of 2mb per image.

Once you drop an image an awesome preview of it will be enabled. In addition, you can also try multiple files upload, which will show you how the files get into queue with amazing progress bars. Before trying out this showcase, keep in mind that the upload option has been disabled in the demo. If you want to enable it you'll need DMXzone Server Connect and HTML5 File Upload.

Used Extensions

DMXzone Server Connect
Databases – Next Generation Server Side Visual Programming without coding
DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer
Design – Create amazing Bootstrap 3 forms for your website or app
HTML5 File Upload
File Management – Next generation file upload
DMXzone DropZone Add-on
File Management – Easily upload files with drag and drop