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Create stunning photo galleries in Dreamweaver for your website

If you want to create stunning photo galleries for your website or app, then these are the right extensions for you to start with. They're supplied with different animations, transitions and stunning effects. 

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DMXzone Nivo Slider 3

The most awesome jQuery image slider
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CSS Image Gallery 2

Pure CSS galleries and slideshows
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Animated Thumbnail Gallery 2

Create a stylish thumbnail wall with stunning zooming effects

Create an amazing thumbnail wall from your images, photos and portfolio or decorate the existing thumbnails on your pages with the Animated Thumbnail Gallery. Add great looking borders, shadows and predefined styles - all Live in Dreamweaver! When clicked on a thumbnail, it explodes with amazing animation effects to full size image shown in the build-in Lightbox. When used as wall the thumbnails float automatically in all available space - so the gallery always looks great!

It also has great HTML5 Data Bindings integration so you can create galleries from local or public feeds as well as from dynamic sources, using DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP.

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HTML5 Slideshow 2

Mind-blowing HTML5 Presentations
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DMXzone Supersized 2

Amazing fullscreen background slideshows
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HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery 2

Custom, polaroid-like stunning galleries

HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery 2 is the perfect solution if you are looking for to create a polaroid-like image gallery. It features CSS 3D transforms for native 3D in browsers that support the new CSS properties. You can drag your images all over the screen, give them titles and add descriptions. Take advantage of the built in hardware acceleration for mobile devices that gives you the maximum performance and greatest experience.

The extension has integrated DMXzone Image Resizer and also you can set the width and height for the gallery container, set the rotation for the images and their order of appearance. Along with the great HTML5 Data Bindings integration, you can also use DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and create dynamic slideshows with ease.

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