Using DMXzone Slider 2 Behaviors

Using DMXzone Slider 2 Behaviors

Learn how to use DMXzone Slider 2 behaviors

With this movie we will show you how to use the DMXzone Slider 2 behaviors.

Step by Step

Before you begin

We inserted a simple text field on our page and a slider within a container. We'd like to show the slider value inside this text field.

Access behaviors

Select the slider (1) and click the behaviors icon, in the properties inspector (2).

Apply event

Select the slide event (1), choose control DMXzone Slider 2 behavior (2) and add it (3).

Choose action

From the action dropdown, we choose "copy the value of slider to text field".

Slider value

Select your slider from the dropdown (1) and select the textfield to copy the value to (2). Then, choose the value that you want to use (3). Click OK when you're done.

Save and preview

You can drag the handle of the slider left or right. The selected value updates immediately in the text field. That's how easy it is to use the DMXzone Slider 2 behaviors.

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