HTML5 Slideshow 2 Manual

May 3, 2016

HTML5 Slideshow 2 Reference

In this article you'll find more detailed overview of the features, which are included in the HTML5 Slideshow 2. Also you can see the great integration within the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and how to populate your slideshow from HTML5 Data Bindings.


64bit Dreamweaver support

HTML5 Slideshow 2 runs smoothly even on the latest 64bit update of Dreamweaver CC 2014.

Extensive, random Ken Burns

Now you can not only choose a random start and end position for the Ken Burns effect but also a random start and end factor.

Rich choice of slide transitions

You can choose between fade, reveal, push, slide or random transition for your slides.

Position the title, description and navigation controls

Choose the position of the title, description and the navigation controls.

An inline property inspector

The property inspector enables you to change several options after you’ve created the slider.

Full support for the DMXzone Behavior Connector

You can easily bind other DMXzone extensions to your slides.

Fully controllable by behaviors

You can choose between many great actions.

Integration with other DMXzone extensions

Great integration with HTML5 Data Bindings

Supply the images, titles, descriptions and links for the HTML5 Slideshow 2 from HTML5 Data Bindings local file or public feed.

HTML5 Slideshow 2 directly from dynamic sources

Use HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP to connect to your images, titles, descriptions and more.

Great integration with DMXzone Lightbox

Generates automatically DMXzone Lightbox links.

Integration within the Advanced HTML Editor 3

HTML5 Slideshow 2 and Advanced HTML Editor 3 integration

Have a look at our HTML5 Slideshow 2 fully integrated into the Advanced HTML Editor 3.

Expandable options dialog

Collapse and expand the options you need for your slideshow.

Direct image upload from your computer

You can upload images directly from your computer with the help of Pure PHP Upload 2/ Pure ASP Upload 3 and even resize them with Smart Image Processor ASP/PHP 2.

Image upload from your Image Gallery Add-on

If you have the Image Gallery Add-on set in your editor, you can upload from the gallery the images that you've selected.

Images upload from your File Manager Add-on

If you have the File Manager Add-on set in your editor, you can select the images directly from the manager.

Drag & Drop (Firefox and Chrome)

Drag one or many images from your personal folders and drop to upload them automatically for the slideshow.

Timed transitions on slides

We offer various combinations of transition effects, image placement and transition duration for your slides.

Title and description

You can add title, URL and description to the images that you've uploaded. Once you've done it edit the title position, transition effect and duration in order to create the slideshow that you've always wanted.


You can choose which type of control to enable in your image sliders.

Ken Burns effect

The HTML5 Slideshow 2 will allow you to use Ken Burns effect and edit its position and zoom factor.

Fully editable settings

If you decide to change any setting at some later point, you can do that from the user friendly interface, where you can set up how the navigation will work and many other options.