Mail Uploaded Files
Mail Uploaded Files
June 1, 2016 Watch on YouTube

With this movie we will show you how to send uploaded files to an email, using DMXzone Mailer.

Step by Step

We will show you how to send uploaded files, to an email using DMXzone Mailer. We've created an upload form, on our page, containing two inputs for name and email and a multiple file upload field. We'd like to send the uploaded files to our email. First, let's create an action file. And add a name for it (1). then, click globals (2). And link your page, containing the form (4).

Then, select your form, from the dropdown (1). And click the import button (2).

Now, right click steps. Open the mailer menu. And add setup mailer.

Setup your mail server options. Right click the setup mailer step when you are done. And under file management, select add file upload.

then, select the path, for uploading files. We select the folder called, uploads.

Now, right click the file upload step (1). Open the mailer menu. and add send mail (2).

Add a subject for the email (1). then, click the dynamic data button, for the attachments (2). And select the file upload step. All of the uploaded files will be attached to the email. Then click the select button (3).

Now, setup the sender name and email. Click the dynamic data button for sender name (1). And under post name select the name field. Click the select button (2).

then, do the same for sender email (1). And select the email field. Click the select button (2).

And then setup the recipient name and email. After that, enter some content for the mail body, if needed (1). click the send mail step, when you are done (2).

And open file management menu (1). Select add empty folder. We are adding this step, as we'd like to empty the uploads folder, after the email is sent (2).

So, just browse to your uploads folder and select it.

and save your action file (1). Now, we need to add a server action executor (2). Click the add new button. Add a name for this executor (3). And select to run it on form submit. And select to run it on form submit. Then select your upload form, from the dropdown. And set the method to post. click the ok button, when you are done (4).

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