Upload and Zip Multiple Files
Upload and Zip Multiple Files
June 7, 2016 Watch on YouTube

With this movie we will show you how to upload, and zip multiple files using DMXzone Zip Processor.

Step by Step

We will show you how to upload, and zip multiple files using dmxzone zip processor. We created a file upload form which contains a multiple file upload field. Let's create a server action file. We will place it in a folder. Add a name, for the action file (1). Click globals. And link your form page (2). And click on select folder (3).

Now, right click steps.

And under file management, add file upload (1). select an upload path (2).

Then, right click the upload step (1). And open the zip processor menu. Select add files to zip (2).

And choose a path, for your zip file (1). Then enter a name for it (2). Let's call our zip file uploads dot zip (3). Click OK (4).

Now, click the dynamic data button, in order to select the files, which will be added to the zip (1). and select the file upload step. Click the select button (2).

Optionally, you can add a comment to the zip file. We'd like to delete the files, from the uploads folder, after zipping them (1). So right click the add files to zip step (2). And under file management, select add empty folder (3).

Then, browse to the upload folder, selected in the file upload step (1). And click the select folder button (2).

Now, save your action file (1). and create an executor for it (2). Open the server executor (3). Add a name for your executor (4). And select to run it on form submit. Select your action file, from the dropdown. then, bind the executor to your form. And set method to post. Click the OK button, when you are done (5).

Now, let's preview the results. Select the files, which you want to upload, and zip and then click the submit button. The files are being uploaded, and zipped. Let's check the zip file contents. That's how easy it is, to upload and zip multiple files using dmxzone zip processor.

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