DMXzone Data Importer and Exporter Manual
July 20, 2016
We combined both manuals for DMXzone Data Importer and DMXzone Data Exporter into one because it's fairly simple to use both extensions. Below you'll find two very useful tutorials, which will teach you how to work with the extensions. If you need additional help, you can always post in our support forum or contact us via Live Support. 
Table of Contents

Before you begin

How to install extensions from DMXzone

Learn how to install DMXzone extensions

DMXzone Data Importer and Exporter Reference

More detailed overview of the features

Working with DMXzone Data Importer

Importing Data into a Database from CSV or XML

Learn how to import data from CSV or XML files to your database

Working with DMXzone Data Exporter

Exporting Data from a Database to CSV or XML

Learn how to export dynamic data to a CSV or XML file
How to install extensions