Responsive Personal Blog Template Preview

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Responsive Personal Blog Template has a modern and easily customizable design, which meets the latest design trends. It's designed with the latest Bootstrap 3 extensions, features an amazing image gallery and can be reused on multiple projects. In order to install it in Dreamweaver and use it, you need to have the required DMXzone extensions installed first.


Fully responsive template

The template looks amazing on any screen size

Easy to customize

Moderate any part of the page as you wish

Boostrap 3 based

The template is designed with the latest Bootstrap 3 extensions

Awesome image preview

Fantastic gallery for the best image presentation

Stunning CSS animation

Grate fade in animations on scroll

No limit for use

Use the template on as many projects as you want


Fully Responsive Home Page

The homepage design is executed with DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and contains a header, featured post with image and description as well as other post previews. For the page content you'll need DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements to customize it and also Bootstrap 3 Navigation to change the navi menu. Last but not least the fade in effect on scroll is created with HTML5 Animate CSS.

Blog Post Page with Astonishing Gallery

This page features the amazing CSS Image Gallery 2, which allows you to present your images the best possible way. It also comes with content, which can be easily moderated and previews of other posts.

About Page with Social Media Connections

The last page comes with a featured image and description, and also you can connect your social media channels via the predesigned buttons.

Extensions Required

DMXzone Bootstrap 3

Next generation perfect site layout in a few minutes

DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation

Great Bootstrap 3 Navigation for your website or app

DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements

37 ready to go and fully customizable elements for Bootstrap 3

CSS Image Gallery 2

Pure CSS galleries and slideshows

HTML5 Animate CSS

Just-add-water CSS animations

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