DMXzone App Connect Browser Support

Rich information about the browser and device your visitor is using

Discover your visitors' browser properties and adjust your pages dynamically. Show different content based on browser resolution and language, special retina ready HD images or low resolution images for small devices and much more with the Browser Add-on for DMXzone App connect

Detect when the user is online and connected to internet, has cookies enabled or prohibits the visitor tracking.

Also special actions like Go To URL and Alert are available at your disposal

This extension has been discontinued. Please get App Connect Browser Control v2

This extension requires DMXzone App Connect
- OR -


Detect user tracking and cookies preferences

Show hi-def images only when needed

Get all page, viewport and device sizes

Perform URL navigation and Show Alerts


Detect user connectivity and act accordingly

Check the user connectivity status and if it goes offline - show different content or warnings of the connectivity lost.

Detect and act on device orientation changes

When do user changes the orientation of its device, you want to reorganize your content or display different one as needed.

All the current browsers have a special user setting to prohibit any tracking and also cookies. Now you can see if the 'Do Not Track" option is set and respect it.

Get rich device properties like page, viewport and screen size

Check the screen, viewport or document size and show different content as desired. You can also warn the user if the browser size gets too small or show a completely different content.


Required Extensions: DMXzone App Connect


Version 1.0.1

  • Use the correct devicePixelRatio on windows mobile

Version 1.0.0

  • First release!

George Petrov

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