App Connect Validator Unicode Add-on Support

Full Unicode Validation in your forms

Validating language specific characters in user form inputs can be a bit of a pain but we have a great solution for you. It's called App Connect Form Validator Unicode Add-on and is the next addition to the powerful App Connect Form Validator extension.

Supplied with 131 scripts, you can choose any writing system from around the world or a combination of systems to be validated in your forms. Also, you can allow your users to use Unicode properties such as marks, numbers, punctuation, symbols and separators.

This extension requires App Connect Form Validator and DMXzone App Connect
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Unicode Form Validation

Add Unicode validation to App Connect Form Validator

Allow Unicode Characters

Form inputs will be validated in any writing system

131 Scripts to choose from

Allow one or combine multiple writing systems

Allow Unicode Properties

The input may contain marks, numbers, punctuation, symbols and separators


Give your users the power to use Unicode

With App Connect Form Validator Unicode Add-on you can allow your users to use Unicode in the form inputs.

Allow all writing systems from around the world

The extension features 131 scripts for the different writing systems and you can enable them all in a single click. Just choose Unicode Letters Only and the user form inputs will be validated in all of them.

Allow one or more writing systems

If you want to limit the validation of your form inputs to a single or multiple writing types, just select the needed scripts from the list.

Allow Unicode properties in the form inputs

You can choose one, two or all of the available Unicode properties to be used in your form inputs.




Version 1.0.0

  • First release!

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