Adding Spam Protection To Your Forms

Adding Spam Protection To Your Forms

Learn how to stop spambots from submitting your forms, using App Connect reCAPTCHA

With this movie we will show you how to add spam protection to your forms, using  App Connect reCAPTCHA.

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Can't find reCAPTCHA to add to form

April 12, 2021 by User
I get to the 2nd step (Then, open the insert panel. And click dmxzone re-captcha 2 (3).), of your "movie" on how to use reCAPTCHA, and I don't see dmxzone re-captcha listed in Dreamweaver CC 2021? I must be missing a major step. Note: I only have these extension loaded, these show up when I click on the DMZone Extension Manager under "Installed"; DMXzone Server Connect (v2.3.1), DMXzone App Connect (v1.9.21), DMXzone App Connect reCAPTCHA (v1.0.0). I also have Reinstalled all, still no help. I don't see anything related to DMXzone in any of the dropdown categories (i.e. HTML, Form, PHP, Templates, Bootstrap Components, jQuery Mobile or jQuery UI) in the Insert panel. I have not purchased (or installed) the "HTML5 Form Validator" extension which is mentioned in your "movie" on how to use reCAPTCHA which isn't stalled of being required. I would appreciate any help or documentation you could send my way to resolve this issue.

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