Open App Connect Lightbox From a Regular Link

Open App Connect Lightbox From a Regular Link

Learn how to open App Connect Lightbox, using a regular link

With this movie we will show you how to open App Connect Lightbox from a regular link.
Step by Step

First, let's create the link. Click on your page, and enter the link text. Then, select the text (1). And in the properties inspector browse to the photo you want to open in lightbox (2). 

And select it (1-2). 

Now, as we are done with the link, let's add app connect to the page.

Then, if you need to customize the default lightbox settings, add a new component (1). Under animation (2), select lightbox options (3).

Select whether to run lightbox in fullscreen mode or whether to hide page scroll bars when lightbox is displayed (1). Setup buttons appearance, the auto option hides buttons on touch-enabled devices or when only one image is available (2). Select the animation effect (2). And then, select the preloader type (2-3). 

Now, select the link on your page (1). Add a dynamic attribute (2). Under display (3), select open in lightbox (4). 

We don't need to add a group here, as this is only a single image.

Let's preview the results!

That's how easy it is, to open app connect lightbox from a link.

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