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Powerful data visualization

There is a brand new and powerful way to visualize data in a couple of minutes with awesome types of charts! It’s called App Connect Charts.

Line, bar, radar, pie, polar area, horizontal bar, doughnut or area graphics are available for best experience and clear data presentation. That will make every data dashboard, a simple illustrated article or just an interactive application really beautiful and greatly UX optimized!

Try mixing several types of charts and the extension will provide a visual distinction between different datasets.

Use every database of JSON to import data, set your preferences from the App Connect Panel and you’re ready – App Connect will even update your data live with animations if changes have been made. The extension will scale the charts perfectly to any device or display size and will not slow down your website!

From professionally looking presentations to business and scientific reports – it’s all possible. Bring awesome visual value to your raw data with App Connect Charts!

This extension requires DMXzone App Connect
- OR -


Dynamic Data Sources

Feed your charts with live data using databases or JSON.

8 Awesome Types of Charts

Choose from line, bar, radar, pie, polar area, horizontal bar, doughnut or area.

HTML5 Animation Rendering

You can animate charts out of the box - a bunch of transitions, updating colors, etc.

Mixed Datasets

Mix several types of charts and provide a visual distinction between different datasets.

Any Device Compatibility

Perfect scale on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Light and Fast

It's rendering fast and will not slow down your website.

Fully Customizable Charts Layout

Define all by yourself - titles, animations, colors...


Beautiful chart layouts

Enjoy awesome chart layouts, animated with HTML5 for best-in-class user experience!

Really customizable

You can define every property of the extension by yourself. There are so much possible combinations, so we can't count them all... Customize it from top to bottom!

Looking great on any device

Doesn't matter web or mobile, App Connect Charts will show your data in the same amazing way!



Required Extensions: DMXzone App Connect

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015+


Version 1.0.1

  • Improved dynamic rendering and refresh of charts when data changes automatically

Version 1.0.0

  • First release!

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