App Connect Google Directions Add-on Support

Get the best route to every location

Your users will always be in the right direction with App Connect Google Maps Directions Add-on. It allows you to navigate people to every location on the map - offices, stores, streets, places, squares or just any other address! That's not the only thing: the add-on will display you alternative routes with full directions' steps list and let you choose the best one.

Get the most correct directions and select mode from Driving, Transit, Walking or Cycling! You can drag and drop the route map to change the direction - directly on the map! The extension supports any dynamic data source - databases or JSON files, which you can use to feed with real-time data the most important parameters like Origin, Destination, Waypoints, Departure Time and Arrival Time.

Feel the native Google Maps user experience on mobile - App Connect Google Maps Directions Add-on is working perfectly on any device!

This extension requires App Connect Google Maps and DMXzone App Connect
- OR -


Full Google Maps Capacity

Integrate directions to any location using App Connect Google Maps engine.

Correct Directions and Directions List

Select from Driving, Transit, Walking or Cycling modes and check the directions list!

Route Alternatives

You can choose an alternative route! The add-on will display all the available routes.

Draggable Markers

Drag and drop the marker on a location and get the route immediately.

Any Dynamic Data Source Support

Use any dynamic data source to feed Origin, Destination, Waypoints, Departure Time and Arrival Time.

Running Perfectly on Any Device

Of course, it's made for desktop and mobile devices!


Well-known Google Maps user experience

There's nothing easier than Google Maps! The well-known interface is using Google Maps API v3 and that will make your website looking familiar to each user.

Info balloons

See the route and get instant info balloons when you should take the next step in getting to the location!

Direction's steps list

It's perfect for printing! All the details your users need - collected in a list.

Fully Customizable

You can even choose waypoints, departure or arrival time, different modes and other preferences!



Product: Dreamweaver CC 2015+


Version 1.0.0

  • First release!

George Petrov

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