App Connect Bootstrap 4 Dynamic Paging Generator Support

Auto generate awesome dynamic Bootstrap 4 paging in seconds

Use App Connect Bootstrap 4 Dynamic Paging Generator to create amazing Bootstrap 4 dynamic paging from any data source and greatly improve the user experience on your website!

So yes... that's the best way to divide your large content into single pages with great navigation, fully automatically, with a great structure!

You can select any data source for the paging generation, as well as fully customize the style! Use various sizes and designs to make it match your site perfectly. And even apply Bootswatch themes!

This extension requires App Connect Bootstrap 4 and DMXzone App Connect
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Generate Dynamic Paging

Automatically separate your content in single pages

Great Bootstrap 4 styled Paging

The pagination is just perfect on any device

Save Paging State as URL

Save paging state as URL for bookmarking and restore of page load using State Management

Fast Loading

Your data will load very fast, doesn't matter how many records you have

Different Paging Style with Every Bootswatch Theme

Use in combination with DMXzone's free extension Bootswatch and apply different paging styling

Fully Customizable

Select size and customize the buttons to fit your design


Easy-to-use Paging Generator panel

Generate paging from a Server Connect Paged Query, easy and simple! Partition you large content into single pages with great navigation, fully automatically, for the best structure and user experience.

Client-side paging

Create client-side paging using the Data View Component of App Connect Data Traversal and Bootstrap 4 Dynamic Paging Generator!

Customization and localization

You can choose the size of the paging and also it's appearance or even add localize the labels for the prev/next/first/last buttons!

Paging state as URL

You can save paging state as URL for bookmarking and restore of page load using State Management

Great rendering in Dreamweaver

The paging is rendering live in Dreamweaver - you don't need to reload your browser every time you want to see paging layout.

Native integration with Bootstrap 4 Dynamic Table Generator

It's awesome: create the perfect combination of dynamically generated table with content and paging for it, for quick navigation through the pages thanks to the perfect collaboration with Bootstrap 4 Dynamic Table Generator.



Product: Dreamweaver CC 2015+


Version 1.0.2

  • Improved Dreamweaver compatibility

Version 1.0.1

  • Latest updates thanks to the great Wappler community

Version 1.0.0

  • The new major release!

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This extension is a great relief, indeed

June 28, 2018 by Greta Garberini
It even works with sortable columns, generated with bootstrap 4 - table generator! Would be a very time-consuming job to do this by hand!

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