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Generate awesome static or dynamic alerts on your page

Bootstrap 4 Alerts is that awesome extension which allows you to integrate alerts within yout website and so improve the user interface! Thanks the world's most popular CSS framework, alerts are fully responsive and will significantly help you in communicating with your users!

Choose static or dynamic alerts: show alert on success, on error, on validation or authorization problem, etc. You can use the pre-defined standard Bootstrap 4 visual classes for success, info, warning, danger and more types!

This extension requires App Connect Bootstrap 4 and DMXzone App Connect
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Communicate with Users

Alerts will improve the user interface on your page - no more redirecting, show everything on the same page!

Dynamic Events Integration

Show alert when certain dynamic event occurs on page - on success, on error, on validation or authorization problem and others.

Static Alerts Available

You can display static alerts too - maintenance, changed working hours, promotions...

Predefined Bootstrap 4 Classes

Use 8 standard visual types of alerts for success, info, warning, danger, etc.

User-Centric Design

The Bootstrap alerts are made to improve UX: you can even add more info - headings, paragraphs to show helpful tips.

Fully Customizable

Customize colors, animation or content of the alert thanks to the great visual integration within Dreamweaver.


Set Actions fully visually

Create your dynamic alerts in a great visual way, directly from the user interface of Dreamweaver!

Easy properties selection

Use the built-in panel to select options for you alerts - choose fade, auto show, close option, as well as select type from the pre-defined alert layouts.

Greatly rendering within Dreamweaver

See how it's rendering in browser directly in Dreamweaver, edit and improve your alert!

Use as content containers

Fill with more information - use headings, paragraphs, buttons.

Auto create dismissible alerts with animation

Choose if users can dismiss the alert, and more - add animation on close.

8 pre-defined standard Bootstrap 4 layouts

Awesome Bootstrap 4 pre-defined alert styles available - choose & go!



Version 4.1.1

  • Compatibility improvements with the latest Bootstrap 4.1.1
  • The new major release!

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Great, but some stuff is missing

June 30, 2018 by Greta Garberini
Maybe its only me but I'd really like to have an "automatic" fade-out like in dmx-notify2. This is very nice if the user performs an action and in case of success (or error) gets a short message which disappears after a few seconds.

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