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Add animated typing effect on your pages

This handy extension allows you to easily add a welcome message or any other text which simulates text typing. The customization options allow you to set the position, typing speed, type pausing, show/hide cursor and backspace what's been typed.
App Connect Typed is the easiest way to add animated typing effect in Dreamweaver, allowing you to insert it exactly where you need it.
This extension requires DMXzone App Connect
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Animated Typing

Add animated typing effect to any text element on your page

Lightweight and Fast

The script is lightweight and fast, so it doesn't slow your pages down

Easy to Use

App Connect Typed includes great UI controls, which allow you to easily adjust its settings

Text Loop

Add as many strings as you need and the component will loop through them

Text Shuffle

Shuffle the strings randomly, or show them one after another

Different Animation Options

Choose between showing the cursor or using a fade animation

Works on Any Device

The animation runs smoothly on any device

Great DW Integration

Preview the typing effect directly in Dreamweaver Live View


Animated Typing

Add a welcome message which simulates text typing

Easy to Use

App Connect Typed includes great UI controls, which allow you to easily adjust its settings

Smart Backspace

Only backspace the parts that doesn’t match the previous string

Hide Cursor

Easily hide the cursor, when you don't need it




Product: Dreamweaver CC 2015+
Required Extensions: DMXzone App Connect


Version 1.0.0

  • First release!

George Petrov

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