Form Inputs to Datasource Support

This Command reads form-inputs from a specified page and adds them to the Data Bindings of the current document, either one at a time, or all at once.

  • ASP:
  • JSP:
  • PHP:

NOTE: This extension supports ASP, JSP, PHP server models in Ultradev 4 and ASP, JSP server models in DW MX


UI Access

Access this datasource via 'Form Inputs to Datasource' menu inside Data Bindings panel.



  • Updated to v1.3.3 on August 23 2003
    • Some cosmetic changes to get basic MM Approval


1. Save your file and select Form Inputs to Datasource from the datasources menu

2.Import Form elements one at a time or all at once

3.Insert a databinding from the Data Bindings menu


Type: Data Source
Product: Dreamweaver MX, UltraDev 4
Server Model: ASP JavaScript, ASP VBScript, JSP, PHP PHAkt 1 (UD4), PHP ImpAkt 1(UD4)

Joris van Lier

Joris van LierJoris van Lier has been using Dreamweaver since 1997. From struggling to learn HTML, Javascript and watching in awe as the GURU's created extension after extension, i've now come to the point of creating my own extensions. Just 2 weeks after i started learning to handcode ASP, Dreamweaver Ultradev 1 was released, and i've been an avid user since then.
I'm proud of what the community has helped Dreamweaver to become and hope to make many more usefull extensions in the future.

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Works Great in MX

July 31, 2003 by Gou Xinnian

This extension works great in DW MX, you might want to update the compatiblity listing so users will know. I used it in DW MX 6.1 on MS Windows XP Pro using ASP and this extension worked like a charm.

Just a quick note, if you use certain fields often you might want to specify their value in a config page include. Such as this.

Dim UName
Uname = Request.Form("UserName")
Hello <%= Uname %>, Welcome To my site!

Nex,t anytime you want to use the value of the field username in a form request all you have to do is use the the expression tag and Uname to write the value to your page.

Thanks for such a powerful extension.

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