Dynamic Dreamweaver MX
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Free preview of chapter 7: The Application panel

This book covers "best practice" use of Dreamweaver MX for the web professional. It introduces server-side development with Dreamweaver MX to create dynamic, standards-compliant code that doesn't compromise visual design.



The authors are:

Rachel Andrewis a member of the Web Standards Project's Dreamweaver Task Force which worked with Macromedia's engineers and the Dreamweaver community to improve the standards compliance and accessibility of web pages produced by Dreamweaver.

Omar Elbaga started out as a fine artist, and moved to computer graphic arts. He is another member of Team Macromedia, and is currently a Tutorial Manager for www.udzone.com and running a popular Ultradev resource site called udnewbie.com

Alan Foley is an assistant professor of Instructional Technology who teaches and consults on web accessibility and usability issues.

Bob Regan Senior PM for Accessibility at Macromedia, and a team of working web professionals who know the product inside out.

Rob Turnbull is the senior developer for Lighthouse, a UK based new media Design Company. He is a member of Team Macromedia and runs a personal Web site, www.robgt.com which offers help and guidance and offers server behaviors to the community.

What's great about this book?

It's now possible to use Dreamweaver to produce dynamic, creative, visually stunning sites that comply with web standards and accessibility laws. This book is not a rehash of a book on a previously written version of Dreamweaver, but a brand new book, written by people who really know the product and who are genuine web professionals. It doesn't waste your time on explanations of the obvious menu options (2 pages on the difference between 'save' and 'save as', anyone?) but gets straight to the heart of the matter so you spend less time reading, and more time building your site.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introducing Dreamweaver MX

Chapter 2: Valid (X)HTML in Dreamweaver MX

Chapter 3: CSS in Dreamweaver MX

Chapter 4: Accessibility and Dreamweaver MX

Chapter 5: Server-Side Overview

Chapter 6: Databases Overview

Chapter 7: The Application Panel (read this free chapter preview here)

Chapter 8: Building A Basic Dynamic Web Site in Dreamweaver MX

Chapter 9: Dynamic E-mail Interaction

Chapter 10: Advanced Dreamweaver MX Examples

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone with a knowledge of HTML, and web design or development. Previous knowledge of dreamweaver would be useful.

Free Chapter

Get a glimpes into what this book has to offer by taking a look at the free chapter preview of Chapter 7: The Application Panel at DMXzone; click here to read it.

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If You Are Smart and I Hope You Are...
March 18, 2003 by Victor Cornejo

As I teach ASP programming when not really working for a living, I have read just about ever book you could think of regarding ASP and programming. Without a doubt the best and most rounded book I have ever read on the topic. The really nice thing about this book is that it has practical examples, written in practical terms, with practical real world implementations. Unlike other books which attempt to take you front to back on a given application this one simply gives you the best of all applications interiors. Searching, Databasing, User Profiles, etc. and how to do it simply with Dreamweaver MX using MX's newest features and not recalling the glory days of Dreamweavers past. If you are smart and I hope you are you will read this book. The other excellent book by these great people is their Dynamic Menu and Navigation book. Wow, what a resource.