If You Are Smart and I Hope You Are...

March 18, 2003 by Victor Cornejo

As I teach ASP programming when not really working for a living, I have read just about ever book you could think of regarding ASP and programming. Without a doubt the best and most rounded book I have ever read on the topic. The really nice thing about this book is that it has practical examples, written in practical terms, with practical real world implementations. Unlike other books which attempt to take you front to back on a given application this one simply gives you the best of all applications interiors. Searching, Databasing, User Profiles, etc. and how to do it simply with Dreamweaver MX using MX's newest features and not recalling the glory days of Dreamweavers past. If you are smart and I hope you are you will read this book. The other excellent book by these great people is their Dynamic Menu and Navigation book. Wow, what a resource.