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Macromedia Approved for Dreamweaver 8! This build adds upload file and save name to database functionality to pages with a single click! All form and file field attributes are given the proper values automatically. Select your database field name, your upload folder, and your form file field and that's it

Now Supports C#!



UI Access

Select WWWeb Concepts from the Server Behaviors Menu to Upload file and save name to database with Insert or Update SB.

Type: Server Behavior
Product: Dreamweaver MX
Server Model: ASP.NET C#, ASP.NET VB

James Threadgill

James ThreadgillJames Threadgill has authored numerous tutorials on ASP and ASP.NET web development, published on such sites as the Dynamic Zones and MSDN Accademic Alliance. He co-authored the Sam's book Dreamweaver MX: ASP.NET Web Development.

James first began computer programming in 1995 while attending Alvin Community College. He completed a certificate of computer science program and an Associate of Arts degree at Alvin before going on to the University of Houston-Clear Lake where he was awarded a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts.

James publishes fiction, poetry, and visual arts under the name Wayne James. His fiction first appeared in Raconteur in 1995 and since has been published numerous times: in Hadrosaur Tales 5 and 7, Bayousphere, and in the Write Gallery e-zine. His poetry first appeared in the small press magazine Lucidity in 1996 and has been published numerous times since. His collection of fiction and poetry, When Only the Moon Rages, was released in 2000. Most recently his work appeared in Tales of the Talisman winter 2010 and spring 2011 issues. James currently attends graduate school at the University of Houston and owns and operates small web design and internet marketing firm, WWWeb Concepts, with his wife, Karen, in Houston, TX USA.

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Compatibility with DW8?
November 17, 2009 by Nathon Jones

"RE: I can't get it working

Written by James W. Threadgill on October 31, 2002

Do you have Dreamweaver MX installed on a windows OS? This extension only works with DWMX in Windows."

If it only works with DWMX in Windows, why do you have "Macromedia Approved for Dreamweaver 8!" as your opening line on this page:

RE: Aaaaargh, cant get it working
January 7, 2003 by James Threadgill

This problem also occurs if you fail to add the runat="server" tag to your file upload field. Remember, if it does not have the runat="server" tag, it's not an ASP.NET HTML Server Control.

From your email, my guess is that's the problem.

RE: Aaaaargh, cant get it working
January 7, 2003 by James Threadgill
According to the error the image input field named "filespath" doesn't exist. In if you reference a control, that control must exist on the page. It is very unforgiving about this. Advanced help files are available with the ASP.NET Developer's Suite extension. 
RE: What parameter should i use? i cant get it
December 22, 2002 by James Threadgill
Use the parameter that points to the image name field in you database. 
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