Popup Link

This behavior opens a specified URL in a new window, and offers many additional features.

General features

  • Specify name and appearance of popup window,
  • Optionally specify the popup's location on screen,
  • Optionally specify a relative popup width/height (in % of the screen).

Special features

When applied to a link, the behavior offers the option to take the 'href' attribute of the current link as its target URL. This has the following advantages:

  • No more 'null' links (eg. href="javascript:;" or href="#") needed,
  • XHTML Strict mode compatible,
  • Originating link still works with JavaScript disabled,
  • Search engines will be able to normally 'spider' the links.


New: Can now be applied to other HTML elements besides links. Furthermore, in addition to only taking the 'href' attribute of a current link, it is now possible to specify the URL to display. As such the extension can now be used more generally to create popup windows.

Want to know what has changed in the latest version? See the list of fixes and enhancements.

UI Access

Access this behavior:
step 1 - select the popup trigger, and
step 2 - choose 'Popup Link' from the 'FlevOOware' flyout in the Behaviors palette.


Type: Behavior
Product: Dreamweaver 4, Dreamweaver MX, UltraDev 4, Dreamweaver 4.01, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 7
Browser: All

Marja Ribbers-de Vroed

Marja Ribbers-de VroedWell, what's there to tell?

I worked as a software engineer for a well-known Dutch software company for about 10 years. But then I decided I did not want to work there anymore.
Since then, I've been working with my husband in our own company.

I "discovered" web development early 2000, and I soon found out that I could actually create my own extra (DHTML) features in Dreamweaver by building custom extensions.
My first extension was Cross-browser AutoScroller, but I've developed several other ones since then.

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Link to Reviews

April 3, 2003 by Bob Cochrane
I would like to read the reviews for this extension but can not find the link to them?
Will this extension work with DreamWeaver MX?

but the new browser window does not reflect http_referer

June 3, 2003 by Alan Chua

This does look neat.

but when the pop p page has a request.servervariable("http_referer") on it, it doesn't work. Does anyone knows how to solve this?



RE: Link to Reviews

June 13, 2003 by Marja Ribbers-de Vroed

There were no reviews until you posted this comment  :-)
And yes, it does work in MX.

Regards, Marja

RE: but the new browser window does not reflect http_referer

June 13, 2003 by Marja Ribbers-de Vroed

Sorry, I don't know a solution.
I guess, as this extension opens a new window, there just is no 'referer'.

Regards, Marja

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