Toggle checkbox, stop form submitting
November 22, 2002 by Marja Ribbers-de Vroed

My form keeps submitting when I apply the Toggle Checkboxes behavior to a button.
How do I stop this from happening?

When you apply the Toggle Checkboxes behavior to a button, set the action of that button to NONE.
This will stop the form from submitting to the server when the button is clicked.

Marja Ribbers-de Vroed

Marja Ribbers-de VroedWell, what's there to tell?

I worked as a software engineer for a well-known Dutch software company for about 10 years. But then I decided I did not want to work there anymore.
Since then, I've been working with my husband in our own company.

I "discovered" web development early 2000, and I soon found out that I could actually create my own extra (DHTML) features in Dreamweaver by building custom extensions.
My first extension was Cross-browser AutoScroller, but I've developed several other ones since then.

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ezeescroller by 4level
July 16, 2004 by Michelle Gantley

The Author is Daniel T. Pastrana

I just purchased eZeeScroller (7-16-04).  I downloaded the software.  In Dreamweaver MX I went to Window and clicked on Behavior.  I then clicked on the + sign and 4Level eZeeScroller appeared.  I clicked on 4Level eZeeScroller and a flyout appeared consisting of eZee HControls, eZee HShowContentLayer, eZee HStopScroller, eZee VControls, eZee VShowContentLayer and eZee VStopScroller.  All these were dimmed.  How do I enable them?  I tried enabling them by typing text on a page--nothing.  I also highlighted the text and again the content of the flyout was still dimmed.  How do I enable these? 

Can someone help me?

Thank you,