December 6, 2002 by Tim Green

Also don't forget that the Apache WebServer, PHP and MySQL are totally free products and downloads specific to Windows are available as standard setup files. While PHP Triad is a good solution it doesn't really help you when it comes to the latest versions of PHP as it can take months (if not longer) to update the version of PHP in their archive (the current version of PHPTriad was released on February 15, 2002. This is NOT the current version of PHP and it has been 10 months since the last update!)

The configuration tool may appear useful, but don't rely on it. PHP, MySQL and Apache are configured using well documented text files, and the windows installers for each of these products will configure all of them perfectly (though a little tweaking of the Apache files is necessary to add PHP functionality, though this is well documented in the install information contained within the PHP archive).

It should also be noted that PHPTriad is marked as 'Development Status: 4 - Beta', it's third party and their installers can introduce new bugs into the system, so DONT rely on it.

Just my 2 cents

PHP Triad and Win XP Home Edition

April 22, 2004 by Seben Griffin III

I have loaded php triad with no problem on my dell inspiron 8600 laptop but the pages with not come up everytime i use my loop back. I get page not found. I have to hit refresh mulitple times before any page comes up. I have apache running and the winmysql running. any guidance will be appreciated. I don't have any trouble running phptriad on my win98se desktop.