CFX_POP3 - POP3 Client for Cold Fusion 4.x, 5 and MX Support

CFX_POP3 is a replacement tag for CFPOP. CFX_POP3 improves upon CFPOP in many ways introducing features such as LoadFromFile, dynamic header searching, improved performance and stability.


CFX_POP3 provides excellent POP3 mail server access to developers using Cold Fusion. The project was born out of necessity to develop a stable way to access POP mail services that was 'attribute compliant' with CFPOP.

Since that time, CFX_POP3 has evolved into a fully featured POP3 client in a dll, providing simultaneous access to both the HTML and plain text versions of an e-mail where applicable, and extending the information that is returned in the queries to include such things as 'content-type' and the entire message source of the e-mail if required. CFX_POP3 now includes the capability to dynamically allocate columns in the queries it returns which extends the capabilities of CFX_POP3 beyond any other Cold Fusion POP3 mail extension.

Using the dynamic query building capabilities, CFX_POP3 allows you to parse an e-mail for any header that you wish, returning the information to you in a structured format ready to use within yours applications. If CFX_POP3 doesn't natively support the parsing of a particular header, you can specify it as a header to match on and CFX_POP3 will dynamically add the results to a dedicated column in its query. For every header you want to search for, a new column is added to the results. Simple.

CFX_POP3 also goes beyond the straightforward POP3 mail server access, offering the ability to read and parse locally held '*.eml' files. Simply point the tag at a mail file and let CFX_POP3 do the rest. The query results returned are almost identical to those that are returned when querying a POP3 mail server, with only the UID of a mail not being returned.

An example of how CFX_POP3 tags are written:

<cfx_pop3 server="" username="MyUserName"
password="MyPassword" action="GETALL"
name="MyMailQuery" port="110"


Type: Utility
Product: Dreamweaver MX
Server Model: ColdFusion (DWMX), ColdFusion (UD4)
Platform: Win XP/2000/2003/2008/7