Dreamweaver MX: Advanced PHP Web Development
January 15, 2003 Source article

This book is the follow-up to Dreamweaver MX: PHP Web Development from glasshaus – the book described as "the VERY best book I have ever seen dealing with databases and web programming." By Matt Brown, the Dreamweaver Community Manager at Macromedia.

But you don't need to have read that book; any experience of developing PHP sites with Dreamweaver MX or Ultradev is a great starting point. This book takes your PHP sites beyond the functions provided by server behaviors. It teaches you PHP, from the syntax to full applications, from the point of view of a Dreamweaver user.

The chapters take you from basic syntax through to developing full applications, teaching the basic functionality, then showing you how to use it in real-world examples.

Two practical case studies are included: An on-line training log and a complete content management system

Chapter 1: PHP Syntax
Chapter 2: Decision Making, Loops, and Arrays
Chapter 3: Error Handling
Chapter 4: Object Oriented Programming in PHP
Chapter 5: Strings and Regular Expressions
Chapter 6: Extending Dreamweaver MX
Chapter 7: Date and Time
Chapter 8: File Handling
Chapter 9: Using PHP E-mail
Chapter 10: XML
Chapter 11: Sessions and Cookies
Chapter 12: Server-Side Graphics
Chapter 13: Using Flash with PHP and Dreamweaver
MX Case Study 1: Personal Training Log
Case Study 2: A Content Management System

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Great followup book for PHP/MySQL in DW!
November 10, 2004 by Chris Charlton
If you have the first book definitely buy this great followup book for PHP/MySQL in DW!