How to make event calendar?
January 23, 2003 by genuine kau

Hi bro anybody know how to make an event calendar?

Check the just released DMXzone Dreamweaver Extension: Ajax Event Calendar

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Caledars / booking calendars and events
July 25, 2003 by andy mac
same problem, i need an event calender, holiday accomodation, owners have multiple propertys and would like to show when booked or free .... i can do it by hand but calendars can be tricky ... it would be cheaper to buy one ready done so if you find out pls let me know.
tigra calendar pro
July 1, 2003 by Kenny Darcy

Hi yea,
I am a bit of a begginer but purchased tigra calendar pro from some five months ago, I found it very easy to work with and the css made it easy to minipulate.





the easist way...
February 18, 2003 by Matthijs Horsman

The easiest way to do that is start using ASP.NET :):) there's a standard component in ASP.NET :):)

I think that's how it has been done by k10k.. ( of course i don't know for sure :):) )

I have a pretty simpele calendar script from (just search for calendar on the asp section)