Hidden Metas Extension Support

Warning: This extension does not work in DWMX2004

This extension enables the designer to have alternative meta tags; one set to be seen by search engine spiders, and another set delivered to browsers.

The extension contains units to work under ASP(VBScript), ASP(JavaScript) and PHP.

(c) Technocurve Internet Services, 2003


UI Access

Access from the Server Behaviors panel > Technocurve > Hidden Metas.


Type: Server Behavior
Product: Dreamweaver MX
Server Model: ASP JavaScript, ASP VBScript, PHP MySQL, PHP PHAkt 1, PHP PHAkt 2, ASP JScript

Paul Taylor

Paul TaylorBorn in 1961, I am a middle-aged amateur web developer. I did this professionally for 5 years. Before that I spent 17 years as a schoolteacher. I now work as a writer for the international Christian ministry, Answers in Genesis.

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MX 2004 Errors

April 3, 2004 by Steve Stuart
This isn't compatible with MX 2004 -- once installed, you can no longer use the Insert Table feature.  It throws a javascript error.  FYI!

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