seems impossible

March 21, 2003 by George Petrov

well we were looking at this already - but it seems impossible to make because PHP handles the file uploads it self and the PHP scripts get control after the files have been imploaded. So there is unfortunately currently no way how to implement such a real time progress bar.

There is hope when PHP 5 comes out - file uploads can be tracked then - so hang on for a while :)

Why not use flash to do the work

May 9, 2003 by nigel morris
Could you not use flash to check the file size on the remote desktop and then compare it against the file on the server. Thereby giving the data transfered - Just a thought..

RE: Why not use flash to do the work

May 9, 2003 by George Petrov
Well you just don't know what file to check - as PHP is uploading to its temp dir and it says the filename only when the upload is completed.

RE: seems impossible

June 5, 2003 by Doru Petrescu

actualy it is not so imposible

even more I did it ... ;-)  just a small patch to PHP, recompile, and it works!

now, i have to write a small script to display the actual progress metter to the user, and make it reload every second or so ...

i found this forum while looking for a module already done ... and thought to let you guys know that it can be done with php 4

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