Form was submitted with no ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data"

September 25, 2001 by Darko kamb
My page is not redirecting to it self, and I'm still getting the same error. The Redirect page is defined in Insert Record SB not on Pure Upload extension. Still the same error. 2 of 3 times that I tried I get this error. This is not happening when I test localy, on PWS, only when I test my site on the IIS server.

RE: Form was submitted with no ENCTYPE=

September 28, 2001 by Waldo Smeets
Could you please try to find out the differences between your PWS server and the server you use on the site?

RE: RE: Form was submitted with no ENCTYPE=

November 7, 2001 by Tony Alexander
I'm getting this same problem on PWS while testing.  I also am not redirecting the page to itself and the redirect is on the insert rec SB.  Is there any info on this yet?

ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data Error

December 18, 2001 by Brian Diaz
I found a very simply way of some what fixing part {{{{{{‘’’’’ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data"””””}}}} .

 IM using XP Client & Win2000 Server.

I Created a blank ASP page with a ({{{{{<% Response.Redirect("Details_or_Whatever_Name_you_like_to_point_after_input_or_Upload.asp")%>}}}}}}} Nothing else on the page.

I made an input form or whatever forms you’re uploading apply {{{MM Behavior Insert Record Form}} and point to the file with the Response.Redirect.

Then applied ASPLOAD2 With and Without Session(“whatever Session’) and it works.

 The only thing is the java error still happens if script debugging is not disable in IE.

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