Mailing List Extensions

This is a commercial product, it contains 2 extensions that enable you to build mailing lists very easy.


The first extension is called the fancy email extension, which not only includes a first name, but the email is formatted.
The second extension is called basic. It will send an email in a unformatted text format, both are easily customizable.
Check it out today:

Easy to use mailing list Extension


Type: Behavior



February 16, 2002 by scre wdanger

I don't see any comments and rating for this extension. Why?

Is this not good enough?

RE: Anybody

February 16, 2002 by Waldo Smeets
Well you have a decent look at this site you'll find more extensions without comments.

very good

April 7, 2002 by Exciter Depeche Mode
please tell me cost of this to ext. files


April 7, 2002 by Exciter Depeche Mode
very good but expensive for me :(
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