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This extension will allow you to upload files quick and easy to your server and perform various checks on these files in the progress!

The extension has been discontinued. Please get HTML5 File Upload.



With the Pure ASP.NET Upload 2.0 you can:

  • Upload files via Form
    Full support for file uploading though a regular form, together with other fields to!

  • Upload files and saving the rest of the fields in the database
    Pure ASP.NET Upload integrates perfectly with your database. You save the file upload to the server and the other form fields to your database! All automatically using the standard Server behaviors.

  • Full support for the standard Insert/Update Record Server Behaviors
    You can add or update records from your database by using the standard Insert/Update Server behaviors. Pure ASP.NET Upload fully integrates with those, so you don't see the difference between saving a normal form and saving a form with file upload on it. Without Pure ASP.NET Upload - you can't save a form with file upload field in your database without hand coding.

  • Show a fully customizable progress bar during the upload
    You can choose from 7 progress bars that are included with the extension. The progress bars interface is fully extendable - so you can write your own progress bar in minutes!

  • Allow only special file types to be uploaded
    You can choose which file extensions you want to allow your viewers to upload. Choose images only, PDF files, and others - fully customizable.

  • Limit file upload size
    File upload size can be limited! When selected the size is limited for all files people want to upload on the client side (before upload) and on the server side (after upload).

  • Limit uploaded image size
    You can even restrict the image dimensions that are allowed! This is checked client side - so before your upload ever gets to the server and server side. This redundancy offers an extra protection against "smart people" who want to circumvent the image size restrictions

  • Save uploaded image size in your database
    You can easily save the image dimensions in your database for later usage.

  • Auto create non-existent upload directories
    You can use a dynamic path where you save the uploaded files. This is a path that is determined at run-time - for example you could use a user name or department. All non-existent folders from the path are auto-created!

  • Upload to physical paths
    Sometimes you want to upload to a different folder outside the root of your server. This is now possible - just enter the full path on the server as your upload folder!

  • Prefix filenames with full directory
    You can store the file names in your database prefixed with the upload path! This makes it easy to display them on your page, especially when you use dynamic paths.

  • Handle conflicts when a filename already exists
    You can specify how you would like to handle situations where a file with the same name already exists on the server. You can choose to overwrite, make unique and other options.

  • Extended online help
    The online help of Pure ASP.NET Upload is a huge resource. It includes over 16 tutorials explaining all the features of Pure ASP.NET Upload in depth.

INSTALLATION: This extension is now with secured installation, read installation guide

IMAGE SIZE RESTRICTIONS: Because the client side image size/dimentions restriction is made in advanced JavaScript it works only on Win IE4+ (no Mac IE) and NS6+

SUPPORT: Please post support questions in the Pure ASP.NET Upload support forum! All questions etc. posted below this page will be moved to that forum and deleted from this page.

PAYMENT NOTE ! When buying this extension please use the same email address as the one you used to register with DMXzone. If you want to use another email address we suggest you to change the email address in your profile BEFORE you purchase. This will make it easier for us to enable downloads and will avoid mistakes.


Type: Server Behavior
License: External link
Product: Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 8, Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver CS4
Server Model: ASP.NET C#, ASP.NET VB

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