Trans Slide Show (free extension)

Trans Slide Show can be used to create image slide shows, either using simple image swaps (all browsers), or optionally with advanced transitions from one slide to the next (IE4+ on PC only).


  • specify the images to be used in the slide show and their display order (it's best to use images with the same width/height);
  • the slide show will preload the next/previous slide image while the current slide is visible;
  • specify the pause between slides;
  • possibility to use navigation controls (e.g. text links or images) to move to the next/previous slide;
  • possibility to let the slide show auto-play;
  • possibility to use advanced transition effects from one slide to the next (IE4+ on PC only, other browsers will simply swap the base image). There are 25 different transition effects available, including a fade effect.

Need help? Read the FAQ first.

UI Access

Initialise the slide show:

  • insert the first slide image (= the base image) into the document as a regular image;
  • give that first slide image an unique name;
  • select the BODY tag,
  • apply the 'Trans Slide Show - Init' behavior from the 'FlevOOware | Trans Slide Show' flyout in the Behaviors panel to the onLoad event.

Show the next/previous slide:

  • select the 'next/previous slide' trigger (e.g. an image or a text link),
  • apply the 'Trans Slide Show - Play' behavior from the 'FlevOOware | Trans Slide Show' flyout in the Behaviors panel.

Stop an auto-playing slide show:

  • select the 'stop slide show' trigger (e.g. an image or a text link),
  • apply the 'Trans Slide Show - Stop' behavior from the 'FlevOOware | Trans Slide Show' flyout in the Behaviors panel.

Type: Behavior
Product: Dreamweaver 4, Dreamweaver MX, UltraDev 4, Dreamweaver 4.01, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 7
Browser: All

Marja Ribbers-de Vroed

Marja Ribbers-de VroedWell, what's there to tell?

I worked as a software engineer for a well-known Dutch software company for about 10 years. But then I decided I did not want to work there anymore.
Since then, I've been working with my husband in our own company.

I "discovered" web development early 2000, and I soon found out that I could actually create my own extra (DHTML) features in Dreamweaver by building custom extensions.
My first extension was Cross-browser AutoScroller, but I've developed several other ones since then.

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Major Error
January 5, 2013 by Steven Pounders

I installed the extension, inserted the first image, and applied the Trans Slide Show Extension

but the window that opened cut off the bottom two fields: "Image Source File:" and "Show Image Transition:". The window cannot be resized, so I was unable to continue.

Thanks Marja Ribbers-de Vroed
September 14, 2010 by wandile chamane

I really like your trans slide extension and the only thing missing to it is the ability to add custom botton's i'm still tying to get around this and im sure i will the reason im stuck with this transition is because i dont really like the lack of transitions on the linked slide show plugin so until i get passed the links i think your trans slide is perfectly simple



help installing...
July 17, 2010 by Betsy Smith

this won't install, the directions say I need Dreamweaver 4 or higher... I have Dreamweaver CS4

Very Good For Free!
July 14, 2010 by Andy Laverdiere, Jr.

I must say this was a very easy extension to use.  I thought I would have problems getting it to work after reading some of the reviews but I got it going right out of the box. Nice transitions as well.  Adding hyperlinks and sound would be sweet but can't beat free if you are just looking to build a nice little slide show with some neat transition FX for your site!

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