just a matter of time

July 25, 2003 by Thomas Theuerkorn
Ever since AOL purchased Netscape and did not integrate it into their own program, the writing was pretty much on the wall. The announcement to license IE for AOL made it even worse. Seems like AOL always planned this ending. Another reason not to subscribe to AOL again. I never liked the AOL browser and service. Microsoft, here I come? (Or should I consider Mozilla / Opera?)

RE: just a matter of time

July 25, 2003 by Bruce Lawson
I use Mozilla myself. It takes a little longer to start than IE, but once it's started it loads up pages like greased lightening. The fact that i can disable cookies and block pop-ups means that it's my browser of choice for surfing.

Good and Bad

October 30, 2003 by Andrew Petrillo
I personaly never enjoyed netscape.  Nothing ever worked on that browser the way it should, besides the fact of "people loosing jobs", which does suck. I'm thankful they finally gave up on that java running piece of crap.  my bad, the only cool thing about netscape was when you download, it gave great visual stats, and resumed downloads, Other than that, GARBAGE!!!

Who Cares !

January 13, 2005 by stephen park
there's only about five people on the planet who don't use internet explorer for web browsing and all they seem to do is complain that they can't see some web pages. I think there's a powerful message in there somewhere...
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