Image Control Center Manual

The Image Control Center

Have you never worried about the increasing amount of images on the server?
Which of them are never used, which are obsolete and can be deleted?
Or would you like your customers to be able to create thumbnails themselves with no need to download and upload?,
Or maybe create a mirrored image to better fit the page it is presented in?
Or Rename an image that has been named incorrectly?
No problem - all this and more is possible with the ICC - your own on-line image editor.
It automatically detects serverobjects from: aspimage, persits, and smartimage.
At least one of these are required.
The extension requires full writing rights to the directory it is to work in.

Asp - vbscript only.
This is the time-limited version.

Allthough the author is convinced that the extension will work flawlessly, he can take no responsibility
for any unwanted change of images that might be caused by the use of the extension.


UI Access

Look under ICC in the Server Behaviors panel.


The Image Control Center is a new Dreamweaver behavior, that acts as an wysiwyg interface to existing image server objects.
This lets the user create thumbnails, mirror existing images, rename images, copy or delete them, all while they remain on the server.

It comes with a number of features, including:

  • No database connection needed - works with all images in your image folder.
  • Select images not used in specified number of days. (allows for deletion of obsolete images)
  • Scrollable Image list.
  • Real size preview.
  • Instant report of image dimensions and size.
  • Flip horizontally or vertically.
  • Automatic generation of thumbnail if new name assigned with new size.
  • Deletion of chosen image (FSO)
  • Rename only (FSO)
  • All texts are configurable from the behavior.
  • All help texts are configurable from the behavior.
  • Button texts are also configurable.
  • Works with Serverobjects Aspimage, Persits and aspsmartimage.
  • Reads jpg,png,gif,bmp.
  • All manipulations are saved as jpg.


Type: Server Behavior
Product: Dreamweaver MX
Server Model: ASP VBScript


What a mess!

June 20, 2004 by chris tork

When I finally got it on the server, it says demo period has expired, eventhough I downloaded it only an hour earlier.

The author's website is difficult to navigate and understand. No demo file available on his site. He just wants you to buy it for $39. Money is no problem. I would gladly pay the $39 for a reliable script. But hard to trust when demo arrives expired. I have no idea if this will work on my server. If working trial version ever available, please let me know.

RE: What a mess!

June 21, 2004 by Claus Stahnke

I am sorry, I had missed an update regarding the expiration date, this has been fixed now.

It is true that this is the only place where you can download a demo, but my site has a working example of the script.

It bothers me that you feel my website is "difficult to navigate" - what exactly is it that's difficult ?

About your site

June 23, 2004 by chris tork

Hi Claus, I didn’t mean to criticize your site too much. It is not that bad. I was just frustrated because I really wanted to try your script.

Your ICC page threw me off for a while, because the page that is supposed to talk about ICC, has a lot info about Data Grid. There’s a Data Grid animated gif in the masthead. And there are links to buy and test datagrid in the right side bar. That is confusing to user. I kept thinking I am in the wrong page, especially that I expected to find a demo file for ICC, like it was available on dmxzone. I think you should not put the buy link for datagrid in ICC’s page, because that’s confusing.

Hope this helps.

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