The Big Hack Starting?
August 2, 2003 by Ian Blackham

As we mentioned in our newsletter, there's a lot of news about a potential big hack beginning tomorrow. is it starting now?

The U.S. Homeland Security Department cautioned Wednesday that it had detected an "Internet-wide increase in scanning" for victim computers. I've personally seen a 300% increase in alerts from my firewall - and there's rumours on newsgroups about several big hosting companies suffering 24 hour outages.

The hack alert comes after the recent alerts of critical security flaws in Microsoft's DirectX software. A chinese group, Xfocus ("From the Internet. For the Internet. Have fun!") posted code exploiting the flaw.

Could be a very long weekend. Let us know if you hear of anyone going down.

UPDATE: Saturday morning 9 am GMT: confirmed reports that was brought down in a DOS attack.. unconfirmed reports of ZDnet and CNet down.. Chicago Webs down for more than 24 hours. Conspiracy theory has it that the Microsoft DOS attack was trying to stop people patching their windows vulnerabilities before a worm attack.

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