Charon Cart 3 Manual Support

The popular Charon Cart extension has been rewritten and released  as Charon Cart 3. In this realease I have fixed a number of bugs and improved the generated code. It now uses VB Script classes and XML in the engine. The behaviors allow developers to e-commerce enable their websites easily.

The support material is a zip file that contains help files, a database and ASP files for a completed Ecommerce store. This is included with the downloaded extension.

Click here for a list of tutorials for Charon Cart 3. The tutorials include a series of Flash movies to show how to accomplish basic tasks.

Click here for a list of FAQ's.




Demo Features:

  • Product search.
  • Add items to cart via a link.
  • Add items via forms.
  • Add multiple items to the cart at the same time.
  • Line item discounts. eg. Buy 1 item @ £10 each or 3 items @ £8 each.
  • Contains examples for using PAYPAL, SECPAY and WORLDPAY integration. Code for other merchants can be written.
  • Best sellers.
  • Cross-selling (people who bought one product also bought these other products...).
  • Related products - ability to group products together.
  • Special offers.
  • Simple stock control.
  • Simple Affiliate system.
  • User registration.
  • Email friend feature.
  • View order history.
  • Forgotten password feature.
  • Search for orders/customers and export to Excel.
  • Mailing list. Send a newsletter to registered customers.
  • Insert/update/delete products in the database.

Extension Features:

  • Add items to cart using any database schema.
  • Show using your own custom designs.
  • Save to database.
  • Calculates line and total weight for cart items.
  • Cart supports customised shipping, sales tax and discounting.


  • Dreamweaver MX/Dreamweaver MX 2004
  • IIS5/IIS6 (the cart will need to be deployed to a Win2k or Win2003 server)
  • Access and SQL Server Databases supported. The cart has not been tested with mySQL. Some handcoding may be required when using mySQL.

Server Behaviours:

  • Add To Cart From Form
  • Add To Cart From Link 
  • Cart Repeat Region
  • Update Cart
  • Kill Cart
  • Redirect If Cart is Empty
  • Store Order And Get Order ID
  • Save Cart To Database
  • Fixed Cost Shipping
  • Custom Shipping Costs
  • Shipping Costs From Recordset
  • Sales Tax
  • Set Discount


Default behaviour to manage the cart columns.

Screen shot of Add to Cart from Form behaviour

Save Cart to Database behaviour.


Type: Suite
Product: Dreamweaver MX
Server Model: ASP VBScript


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