ImageReady Inspector Support

A Property-inspector for the ImageReady Sliced comment tag.
Allows you to choose from the list of editors for .PSD files and open the Source document.
Automatically selects the Primary editor. Allso allows you to define another PSD file.


UI Access

Select the opening ImageReady Comment tag and the Inspector will appear.

Note:You should define at least  one Application as editor for .PSD files to use the editing features


Type: inspector
Product: Dreamweaver 4, Dreamweaver MX, UltraDev 4, Dreamweaver 4.01

Joris van Lier

Joris van LierJoris van Lier has been using Dreamweaver since 1997. From struggling to learn HTML, Javascript and watching in awe as the GURU's created extension after extension, i've now come to the point of creating my own extensions. Just 2 weeks after i started learning to handcode ASP, Dreamweaver Ultradev 1 was released, and i've been an avid user since then.
I'm proud of what the community has helped Dreamweaver to become and hope to make many more usefull extensions in the future.

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