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List-O-Rama! 2 (free extension) Manual Support

Generate nice CSS inline menus in seconds

List-O-Rama will allow you to generate nice CSS inline menus in seconds. Just walk through the wizard insert the text of the links, choose the vertical, tabs or horizontal menu, choose one of the 22 CSS Designs and click on finish. The code is automatically generated and inserted in your page. It can't get any easier than this.

The extension is inspired by Ian Lloyd's List-O-Matic at, and is free for all to use.


Features highlights:

  • 22 Stylish CSS Designs Included - Various styles to fit your web site perfectly. 
  • Redesigned interface for even better usability
  • Automatically insert a Vertical, Horizontal or Tab menu through the wizard
  • Tabs styles included

* For complete Features overview see Features in Detail.


Creating an Inline CSS Menu with List-o-Rama!2
With this movie we will show you how easily it is to create nice CSS inline menus in seconds using List-o-Rama!2.



  • 22 Stylish CSS Designs Included - Various styles to fit your web site perfectly. 

Horizontal menus







Tabs menus





Vertical menus



  • Automatically insert a Vertical, Horizontal or Tab menu through the wizard – You can easily insert a menu by following the easy steps in the wizard.   

  • Add your list of navigation links – Simply add your links through the wizard.
  •  Code is inserted automatically– All you need to do is to select the items for the menu like Home, etc. and the necessary code is inserted.
  • Automatically generates the bullet list – After you have selected the menu you would like, it will insert the necessary bullet list. 
  • Great integration in Dreamweaver


Type: Command
Product: Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 8, Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver CS4, Dreamweaver CC+
Browser: IE 5, IE 5.5, IE 6, Netscape 6, Opera 8, Opera 9, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 3, Chrome 9+, Safari 4+, Opera 10+


Version 2.0

  • Many new lists and menu styles included – 22 in total now! 
  • Tabs styles included
  • Redesigned interface for even better usability
  • Applied menu styles can now be changed with new ones
  • Great support for Dreamweaver CS4

George Petrov

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Very useful...

September 25, 2003 by Andy Walker
...except that the Horizontal style (No.10) doesn't work properly in Mac IE 5.2. A small niggle about an otherwise extremely useful extension.

missing width:100%;

November 14, 2003 by Arran Maclean

#navlist li a {


Does not offer highlight over the whole menu (li) until you add width: 100% to it.. the you can track anywhere over li a.

Style 4 selected , not played with the others yet... What about having sub menus for it.. I have one , hand coded if you want it.



RE: missing width:100%;

November 20, 2003 by Juan Nick

Hi arran

I'm interested having sub menues to the List-o-Rama extension, where can I find it?


RE: missing width:100%;

December 23, 2003 by Molly Ridout

I am also interested in the one with submenus...... Can you post or e mail it to me?



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