Connecting To A Remote SQL Server
November 26, 2003 by Chad Jenkins

This should be one of the simplist aspects to setting up my web site.  However, it is turning into a compete nightmare.  I have the using Dreamweaver and book and it only goes into connecting to a local Access database.

I spent the entire day today trying to connect to an SQL Server hosted by Interland.  No one there is capable of helping me with Dreamweaver.  Therefore, I have decided to turn to the Internet tonight.

If someone would be so kind as to either tell me or give me a link to a site that does I would be most appreciative. 

Additional notes, I am using c#.  I was able to view all the databases on their server when I went throught the OLD BC.  However, once I put the connection string into the main database setup screen and press test.... I get error messages. 

Interland says that the SQL Server and my webserver are on two different servers.  I know their has to be something I am missing in my remote folder, or something.

Please help.

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ASP VB - Connection to SQL SERVER
February 17, 2004 by John McConnell

Okay... this looks like might work for me as well...

As I am new to using DB on a sql server, i have had problems with connecting using a standard ASP VB page, but found that using a VB page MAY be the key.  If anyone knows why, or how to setup a ASP VB page with a OLE DB Connection, could you please let me know. 

Thanks, John

connecting to sql using Dreamweaver
February 3, 2004 by David Lash

I was having the same problem you were having with connecting to the SQL server.  I, too, am new to using ASP.NET, making even some of the easy things seem hard.  Here is how I finally figured it out:

1.  Setup a DSN on the remote server

2.  Then, In Your Application pane, go to Databases (which you probably already knew)

2.  Click on the OLE DB Connection

3.  For the Connection String box (see box below), type in your dsn, with the syntax of . . .


4.  Click OK and it should work . . . mine did anyway.


Hope this helps.

David Lash,