Booble! makes a boob.
January 30, 2004 by Ian Blackham

Readers may recall from last week's newsletter that a new "adult-oriented" search engine has launched, called Booble. Completely unexpectedly, Google have sent them a cease-and-desist letter:

"We dispute your assertion that your website is a parody... Your website does not comment on the Google website at all; it merely uses the Google look and feel and a similar name for a search engine. Your web site is a pornographic web site."

To which Booble respond: "Booble's web site is an adult search engine, not 'a pornographic site,' as referred to in your letter. In fact, entering the terms "porn" and "sex" in the Google search engine return 98,400,000 hits and 269,000,000 hits, respectively, while entering these same terms in the Booble adult search engine return 268 hits and 291 hits, respectively. Therefore, the Google mark - which has a longstanding association with pornographic terms and material - is obviously not tarnished."

Be interesting to see how this plays out.. I bet Booble won't settle for an X-box....

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