Charon Cart Extension
May 16, 2001 by Jules Source article
Jules - the one we all know as an asp expert and great helper from the newsgroup and - has made his own shopping cart extension: Charon Cart. The cool thing is that you can download it for free at his website.

Jules developed this cart for his own use but has decided to share it with everyone. He also made some nice documentation on the cart and you can download a zipfile with a complete ecommerce store demo.

The cart is in ASP/VBScript only and Jules states at his website that it's not really usefull for non-programmers. So just try it out yourself and see which one you like more: Charon Cart or UltraCart.

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Error Message
May 22, 2001 by George Drake

On confirmorder.asp I get this error:

SendMail Error: Permission denied, code = 70

any ideas why?