Scroller Genie dyanimc positioning ... once

August 15, 2004 by Sam Bisignano

Upon page load Scroller Genie is displayed in one position and then snaps to an anchored position.

When changing the position of an image that Scroller Genie is anchored to, when the page loads there can be a fraction of a second where Scroller Genie is located in one position and then snaps to the new anchored position. 

To prevent this snapping and have Scroller Genie in the absolute anchored position after page load using MX2004, I would hide all the layers associated with each Scroller Genie in the Layers panel.  Then I added the Show-Hide Layers Behavior and selected SHOW to all the Scroller Genie layers, and insured that the Show-Hide behavior was the last Behavior in the list.

This did not require any direct code modifications.  Dreamweaver MX 2004 handled it beautifully.